Welcome to Hacker Nation's Proxy System
Include Form Includes a mini URL-form on every HTML page
Remove Scripts Remove client-side scripting (i.e. Javascript) *UNCHECK*
Accept Cookies Accept HTTP cookies
Show Images Show images
Show Referer Show referring website in HTTP headers
Rotate13 Use rotate13 encoding on the URL
Base64 Use base64 encoding on the URL
Strip Meta Strip meta HTML tags
Strip Title Strip Website title
Session Cookies Store cookies for this session only
New WindowOpen URL in a new window
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Whenever this proxy gets blocked by the blocking software you are trying to get around do the following: If you are at proxy.hnation.org then add a "1" after the "proxy" in proxy.hnation.org making it proxy1.hnation.org. When that one gets blocked just go up by one number, for example proxy2.hnation.org then proxy3.hnation.org. If all of the proxies you try using this method are blocked then please send and e-mail to proxy@hnation.org. Thank You!